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Encore Building Material, Inc. is an Ohio non-profit organization which trains disabled veterans in the deconstruction and warehousing industries in Northeast Ohio.

We are in the sustainable business practice of disassembling a building for component re-use, re-sale and re-purposing of architectural and construction materials.


Throughout Northeast Ohio thousands of buildings stand vacant. Whether due to foreclosures, business closings, building violations, or just plain neglect, we rarely pass through a northeast Ohio neighborhood without seeing the eyesore of abandoned structures. These properties are producing no revenue to owners, and not providing a tax base for our communities; worse, they can be dangerous to residents.

The easy answer, and one that is utilized entirely too often, is demolition. Quick, cheap and effective, right? Yes, but a better answer is quick, cheap, effective, revenue-producing, cost-saving, environmentally friendly, job producing, and neighborhood revitalization. That answer is Encore Building Material, Inc.



Paul Etzler is a CPA and entrepreneur whose passion for sustainable business practices and energy efficiency is the catalyst for establishing Encore Building Material, Inc.  Combining Sustainability, with Veterans’ training, with job creation equals a powerful, dynamic non-profit organization with purpose and community in mind.  Paul is involved with several local non-profit organizations, trade organizations (focusing on real estate and sustainability), and economic development organizations; he brings a financial background and business experience to advance a very worthy cause.  Paul serves as the director and president of EBM.


Joe Rettman, oversees the operational and administration functions of EBM.  As a disabled veteran, Joe understands the importance of training and job creation in today’s environment.  As COO of EBM, Joe brings his vast experience in deconstruction, recycling, waste diversion, and warehousing to advance EBM’s purpose.  Joe has been a member of various trade organizations focusing on sustainability in northeast Ohio.



Properties Magazine | Deconstructing Advantages | October 2015
Taking a look at benefits of ‘unbuilding’ vacant buildings



Encore Building Material is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.